Management Accounting

Your business growth will rely on accurate information relating to your business’s financial performance.

What are your growth projections? What does your cash flow look like? And what is your predicted turnover and profit?


Our management accounting service gives us the power to take control of your finances, allowing you to focus on what’s important day to day. Take the first step to a stronger, more transparent financial future for your business.



Knowing where you are financially month on month is essential for growth. Our reports will provide you with a simple and straight forward snapshot of your financial performance at any given time.

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As the saying goes “poor data in, poor data out!” We will review what data is currently stored across all your systems and compare against what management information is critical/useful for your business, advising on improvement of your data collection and your business reporting outputs.


Whether it is a Weekly Sales Dashboard, Operations Status Reports, Monthly Management Accounts or reports tailored for your business, we can help you gain timely and accurate data so you can make qualified business decisions.


Whatever your reporting requirements, contact Finance Department for support and advice on 01392 495483 or [email protected].



We analyse your financials to make sure you are making profits across your business divisions. Our team will identify any weaknesses in your financial model and ensure your business is maximising financial opportunities.



Forward planning and forecasting when it comes to your finances will help you stay ahead of the curve and make sure you achieve your objectives.

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We are avid supporters of financial forecasting and forward planning aka the annual budget process (it does not have to be too complicated!) which helps you as a business owner or senior manager take a step back from the day to day operational activity and set your goals for the next year and beyond.


In over 20 years in setting Budgets, I have never got one spot on, albeit close, most companies have a few curve balls thrown at them throughout the year so Budget will always be under/over achieved.


What we have found to be of greater benefit is to have a rolling forecast, i.e. previous months plus a forecast to the end of your financial year. This forecast evolves and is revised monthly helping you as a business owner achieve your objectives and assist in your tax planning.


Whatever your planning requirements, contact Finance Department for support and advice on 01392 495483 or [email protected].

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client: National Bee Supplies

“The Finance Department was key to the set-up of our company. Mike and his team liaised on our behalf with the banks, HMRC, Companies House, Autoenrol pension on our behalf and led the implementation of new management systems for both manufacturing and accounting. A professional and approachable team I would thoroughly recommend.”

Lisa McNally, Manager





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